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Bydgoszcz They pass in forbidden places, disregard the lights. The police checked the pedestrians

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Police officers from Bydgoszcz observed the behavior of pedestrians and – as they say – many of them pose a threat to themselves. Among the most frequently committed sins, they enumerate those related to walking in unauthorized places, disregarding traffic lights or using a mobile phone and walking directly in front of an oncoming car.

During one of the last “Safe Pedestrian” campaigns, police officers from Bydgoszcz focused on observing the behavior of pedestrians.

– In many cases, pedestrian safety depends to a large extent on the pedestrian himself. Unfortunately, pedestrians themselves often create risky situations, including passing in unauthorized places, not complying with traffic lights or using a mobile phone and going straight under the oncoming car – said Kamila Ogonowska from the press office of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz.

Spot for caution

Police officers from the Bydgoszcz police station published a preventive sport “Improper behavior of pedestrians” as a warning, appealing for prudence, extreme caution and compliance with traffic rules for your own safety.

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The police checked the behavior of pedestrians

– A pedestrian is an unprotected road participant, because nothing protects him in the event of a collision with a vehicle. The driver can count on airbags, seat belts or even the car body, Ogonowska informed.

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Main photo source: KWP in Bydgoszcz

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