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Bydgoszcz. US President Joe Biden traveled in a wagon modernized at the Pesa Bydgoszcz plant

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A specially modernized wagon used by US President Joe Biden traveled from Przemyśl to Kiev and back by Pesa Bydgoszcz. – We would never have thought that it would be a vehicle used by the President of the United States – admits the director of the development department of Pesa in Bydgoszcz.

President USA Joe Biden stayed Monday (February 20) with unannounced visit to Kiev, spent nearly six hours in the Ukrainian capital. Met with President Volodymyr Zelensky. It was kept secret until the last moment.

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The journey to Kiev took place by train from Przemyśl. To the capital Ukraine Joe Biden was traveling in a Pesa lounge. The president had at his disposal a special wagon from 2005, which the company modernized for the Lviv Railway.

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Joe Biden on the train on the Kiev-Przemyśl routePOOL / Reuters / Forum

– We would never have guessed that it would be the kind of vehicle he would travel on the president of the United States of America – admits Andrzej Ciupa, director of the development department of Pesa, and years ago the head of the team designing and building the salon. And he explains: – The car was made with the thought of using the Lviv Railway for inspection rides of the head of the road, but also used by the Ukrainian Railway to transport important guests, for example from Lviv to Kiev, and now from Przemyśl to Kiev.

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Lounge for meetings, bedrooms and kitchen

The interiors are air-conditioned and equipped with modern electronic devices, and their style was the responsibility of the Design Team of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

– The wagon has several zones in it. There is the so-called service zone, that is, the service compartment, the kitchen. We have sleeping rooms for people accompanying the most important person, an office with a bedroom for the most important person, and a living room where you can hold meetings or talks – emphasizes Ciupa.

The wagon was built on special SUW 2000 bogies with a variable track width, allowing it to run on tracks of various widths. The project was developed by Eng. Ryszard Suwalski on commission PKP and Passes.

Joe Biden on a train during a train ridePOOL / Reuters / Forum

Main photo source: POOL / Reuters / Forum

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