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Bystrica. Daniel got tangled in a carpet thrown in the forest. The rangers freed him [wideo]

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A young fallow deer bull tried to free himself from the material entwining his antlers. It is not known how the story would have ended if the animal had not been noticed by a walker and not notified the forest guards. When they helped Daniel, he was so exhausted that he did not run away.

The story of saving a young fallow deer was described in social media by the Forest Inspectorate of Oława (Lower Silesia).

On Monday, April 3, in the forest complex near the town of Bystrzyca in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, forest rangers received a report from a concerned walker. The woman noticed a young fallow deer bull, which unsuccessfully tried to free itself from the material entwining its antlers.

“On the spot, it turned out that the animal got tangled in the remains of a carpet thrown into the forest” – describes the forestry inspectorate.

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The guards helped the animal, held it down and cut the ropes around the antlers. – Daniel was so exhausted that after liberation he did not run away – Anna Podgórni, a spokeswoman for the Oława Forest Inspectorate, told us.

After liberation, Daniel was exhaustedOława Forest District/ Marek Kubik

As we read on the Facebook profile of the Forestry Inspectorate, “the above situation perfectly illustrates the negative and unpredictable effects of littering on the forest environment. Thoughtlessly thrown waste into the forest can turn into a deadly trap for its inhabitants.”

The carpet that the fallow deer got tangled inOława Forest District/ Marek Kubik

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Main photo source: Oława Forest District/ Marek Kubik

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