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Bystrzyca. Crypts under the church floor

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During work in the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bystrzyca (Lublin Voivodeship), archaeologists made three drillings under the presbytery floor. All this to find out what the anomalies that appeared in the GPR readings mean. It turned out that there were crypts under the surface, and in the central point of one of them there was a coffin.

“The temple was built in the years 1709-1721 on the initiative of the Lublin canon Jakub Franciszek Żmudzki, on the site of a former wooden church from the early 16th century, using Gothic wooden door portals,” we read on the Facebook profile of the Lublin Provincial Conservator of Monuments.

This is the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bystrzyca in the Lublin poviat, where – during the construction of underfloor heating – archaeological works were carried out.

They drilled holes under the floorRafał Niedźwiadek

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They found the vaults of two crypts

After the temple floor was examined with GPR, it turned out that the readings contained anomalies indicating that there was something beneath the surface. It turned out that these were the vaults of two crypts, one of which is located under the presbytery.

“The entrance to it is located under the epitaph slab of the Rojkowski family. After dismantling the slab, three drillings were made through the vault in order to identify the interior of the crypt using a camera. As a result of these activities, the presence of one coffin in the crypt was found, located in the central point of the room” – informs the conservator.

Archaeological research was carried out Rafał Niedźwiadek

The second crypt is located under the nave. All I could do was find out that it was at least partially buried. However, other anomalies recorded during GPR research occurred in places of former excavations, perhaps related to the fact that graves had existed there in the past.

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Fragments of foundations and human remains

During the research, fragments of 18th-century foundation walls were also discovered and the former brick entrance threshold to the temple was uncovered. Under the room in the northern part of the choir area, human remains were noticed mixed in the ground.

As the conservator points out, some of them could have been placed there secondarily – e.g. as a result of emptying the crypt.

“For technical reasons, exploration of the burials was abandoned,” he notes.

One of the crypts is located under the presbyteryWUOZ in Lublin

Main photo source: Rafał Niedźwiadek

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