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Bytom. The pedestrian ran under the wheels. Recording

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The driver drove through a pedestrian crossing. A few meters away, he was already clocking 45 kilometers per hour when a young woman ran in front of him. She ran from the bus stop onto the tram on the other side of the three-lane road, full of cars going in both directions.

The Stop Cham website published a video from a car camera that recorded a dangerous event in Bytom (Silesian Voivodeship). According to the website, it took place on February 27.

In the video, we see a young woman running across a three-lane road a few meters from the pedestrian crossing. He runs out of the bus stop and is probably in a hurry to catch the tram on the other side of the road. “She didn’t even look,” an Internet user noted on social media under the post with the video.

The author of the recording managed to brake, his speed was 45 kilometers per hour. You can’t see what happened on the road in the opposite direction, where there was also traffic.

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The pedestrian must have been very lucky. Bytom police spokeswoman Anna Oczkiewicz said that no pedestrian accident was reported on that day.

The pedestrian ran straight under the wheelsStopCham

She created a danger to herself and the drivers

– The girl created a threat to road safety. Not only for yourself. She could have been hit and injured, but there could also have been a collision between the vehicles, one hitting the back of the other. The driver cannot predict such an intrusion by a pedestrian. We see a pedestrian crossing nearby – it should be there, not between cars – comments Marzena Szwed from the Road Traffic Department of the Silesian Police.

Szwed says the age of the pedestrian played a big role in the incident. – The recording shows that he is a young person. It is not yet possible to predict what could happen when a driver enters the road. She just wanted to get on the tram, and it could have caused a tragedy – adds the policewoman.

The pedestrian’s behavior was even more unreasonable because there was a pedestrian crossing nearby. If she was stopped, she could pay a fine of up to PLN 1,200.

The pedestrian ran straight under the wheelsStopCham

The pedestrian will be difficult to identify, but the incident should be instructive for drivers.

Szwed: – We advise people to turn on car cameras because they are often evidence in a case. If there had been a hit-and-run there in Bytom, thanks to this recording we would have a clear description of the course of the event. Thank God nothing happened. But it was close.

Main photo source: StopCham

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