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California. After the downpours and snowstorms came landslides. One of them can be seen in the video

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Known for the sun, California has recently turned into a winter wonderland. It has been raining heavily in the last few weeks and snowing recently. As the ground is very saturated with moisture, the risk of landslides has increased. One such phenomenon, which led to the closure of a local road, can be seen in the recording.

California has been hit by heavy snowfall for several days now storms. Over the weekend in Los Angeles – a city known for palm trees and sunshine – it began to snow. Heavy downpours were experienced in other areas of the state.

Since the downpours have been passing through California again and again since January, the ground is heavily soaked with moisture. A landslide in Los Padres National Forest on Saturday forced a road closure. The California Department of Transportation said heavy rainfall was to blame for the phenomenon.

Flooding, power outage

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The weather in the region is not typical. Over the weekend, Los Angeles thundered and snowed. Elsewhere in California there was another batch of heavy rainfall. There were floods in places. Due to the impact of winter, many households experienced blackouts in the electricity supply. An estimated 70,000 customers are without power across the state.

Due to severe weather conditions, access to some national parks is not possible. One of them is the famous Yosemite National Park, known for its streams, waterfalls and huge sequoias.

Main photo source: Caltrans District 7/Reuters

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