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California. At least two fatalities of the atmospheric river

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The atmospheric river that hit California this week left a lot of damage in its wake. At least two people have been confirmed dead. The weather alert still covers around 25 million people. A decision to declare a state of emergency has been issued.

At least two people have died in heavy rain and flooding in California since Thursday. Nearly 9,500 residents were ordered to evacuate. State Rescue Office Director Nancy Ward confirmed that shelters had been opened for people forced to leave their homes in nine counties.

About 25 million people are under flood alert, according to authorities cited by CNN. The local power companies reported that 25,000 of their customers are without power.

It’s still raining

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It was the cause of the downpours atmospheric river. This is the name of the phenomenon, which is an extensive, short-lived wind tunnel that transports huge amounts of water vapor from warm ocean waters to land in mid-latitudes. It is formed as a result of narrow but very gusty wind streams. The atmospheric river moves at an altitude of about 1.5-2 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Reaching land, it drops rapidly in the form of heavy rain or heavy snowfall.

The atmospheric river spilled over an area inhabited by about 26 million people. Flooding and flooding were reported from San Diego and the Mexican border to the Shasta-Cascade region in northern California. According to the US National Weather Service (NWS), rainfall of 75-250 liters of water per square meter was recorded.

The latest phenomenon is the tenth atmospheric river to hit California since Christmas. The local meteorologists are of the opinion that even without these phenomena, the winter was exceptionally wet and snowy.

State of emergency

President Joe Biden has approved Governor Gavin Newsom’s request to declare a state of emergency in California. This opens the door to federal financial assistance.

According to CNN, the National Guard was involved in the rescue operation. The state department of transportation sent about 4,000 people to clean up the effects of storms and flooding.

Main photo source: Reuters

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