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California fires. “Mother nature is very capricious”

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The fire spreading in Caldor, California, has slowed significantly, but the fire has still not been completely extinguished. The firefighting operation is significantly hindered by the weather. – Mother nature is very capricious and can throw logs at our feet – firefighters say.

Hundreds of firefighters are trying to stop the massive Caldor fire from approaching the lakeside town of South Lake Tahoe. The action is not made easier by nature, however. California firefighters fear the fire could spread to even larger areas due to the hot and dry air.

Lots of difficulties

The fire has already destroyed over 63,000 hectares of land. A fire is extremely difficult to control as it develops in several different directions. The pace of its development has slowed down considerably, but choking smoke is constantly rising over many regions. In addition, this part of the US is still hot.

– The probability of ignition is about 90 percent today. This means that if the ember or spark is in the right terrain, there is a 90 percent chance of a point fire, said Isaac Lake of the local Cal Fire fire department.

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Although the weather is not very conducive to extinguishing a fire, firefighters hope that they will soon gain an advantage over the element.

– We are almost completely sure that we will manage to contain this fire. Mother nature is very capricious and can throw obstacles at our feet. But there are loads of professionals involved in the action who work hard to put out the fire. And they have a very good plan for that, ”said Lake.

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