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California. South Lake Tahoe under a thick layer of snow

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Parts of California are covered in snow again. South Lake Tahoe experienced more rainfall on Sunday. The last few months have been extremely difficult weather for this state. These areas are plagued not only by winter attacks, but also by floods.

So much snow fell on Sunday in South Lake Tahoe, a city in the Sierra Nevada mountains, that it almost completely covered roads and vehicles, as well as houses. In places, the height of the snow layer reached 2.5 meters. It looks spectacular, but it creates hazards. Several buildings were destroyed, their roofs collapsed under the weight of snow and ice.

South Lake Tahoe under the snowReuters

South Lake Tahoe under the snowReuters

Once upon a time, such winters were normal

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Traditionally, March is the month when the snow in this area begins to melt and flow down the river, the residents emphasize. It’s still lingering now. Timothy Link, in an interview with reporters, admitted that there had not been such a snowy winter for years, but recalled that before 2000 it was worse.

It was quite normal back then. I’ve been coming here since 1991, I’ve lived here for eight years. There was more snow in the past than there is now.

The fact that now it has fallen again does not bother the locals, especially in the face of the threat of drought. Link stressed that rainfall was “absolutely needed” and expressed the hope that it would improve the hydrological situation.

South Lake Tahoe under the snowReuters

Impact on drought

Meteorologists take a similar position. According to the data they collected, already in two-thirds of California, the long-standing drought has been brought under control.

– We know we need water here. The lake has had a low level for the last few years so it’s really great that some extra water has come in. Let’s hope there will be less fire risk this summer, said Kyle Tomes of South Lake Tahoe.

South Lake Tahoe under the snowReuters

It will still be wet

Tourists enjoy the snow. One of them, Jenny Nguyen even confided that she saw something like this for the first time in her life.

“It’s nice to see snow in March,” she said.

US forecasters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said on Thursday that the effects of an exceptionally wet winter will be felt in spring as well. Due to the relatively high saturation of the ground, flooding will probably occur more often.

Main photo source: Reuters

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