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California, United States. There was fog and only the screeching of tires could be heard. Two people are dead

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Fog caused a huge crash in California. The collision involved 35 vehicles, including 18 trucks. According to witnesses, the accident happened in the blink of an eye. Two people died and nine were hospitalized.

On Saturday morning, a serious accident occurred on Interstate 5 near Bakersfield, California. The road was covered with thick fog, which caused chaos on the road. Drivers tried to get out of the difficult situation, but not everyone managed to react quickly enough.

“All I heard was the screeching of tires”

According to the California State Police, the cars began to collide, leading to a huge collision. The collision involved 35 vehicles, including 18 trucks. Two people died in the accident and nine were injured.

– There was fog and I could only hear the screeching of tires as everyone around tried to brake – one of the passengers told local media.

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According to local media, thick fog forms on a regular basis on this stretch of Interstate 5. They appear primarily after rain, when the soil is saturated with moisture. When high atmospheric pressure prevents air from moving freely, difficult conditions may persist for some time.

Collision caused by dense fogENEX

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