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California, USA. Landslide. Twelve houses on the edge of the abyss. “Every minute you can hear a crackling”

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The landslide that occurred Saturday in Rolling Hills, California, continues to deepen. About twelve houses are already on the brink of collapse. “It’s the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen,” said Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County Supervisor.

Residents of at least twelve homes in the town of Rolling Hills, California, had to find a safer place. The reason for their evacuation was the suspicious cracking of the walls of the houses and the leakage of water from the sewage system. About 16 people had only 20 minutes to collect the most necessary things. Then there was a landslide – some buildings began to collapse, and others shifted along with the falling ground into the canyon.

A landslide in CaliforniaPAP/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

It’s still getting deeper

According to Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn, some buildings have been ripped out of their foundations and the ground continues to slide. By Monday afternoon, the string of tenements that once stood high on the cliff had sunk almost to street level. Witnesses say that every now and then there is a suspicious crackling and disturbing rumble of something breaking or falling down.

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“It’s the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen.” My heart is with these people. When you’re there, you can hear a crackling sound every minute as the house shifts and moves, Hahn said during a Monday conference.

To prevent further disasters, gas and electricity were cut off from the buildings.

A landslide in CaliforniaPAP/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

A landslide in CaliforniaPAP/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

Unknown cause

According to the authorities, the landslide was not large, but it contributed to so much damage because it appeared in the middle of the estate. Experts said that similar phenomena may occur in the coming years. It is possible that some of the buildings will then fall into the nearby canyon.

It is not clear what may have caused the cataclysm. Authorities suspect that the ground was still unusually wet after a heavy winter. Geologists who will be sent to the site are to assess the veracity of this hypothesis.

A landslide in CaliforniaPAP/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

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