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Call from a bot. New form of fraud. BNP Paribas warning

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Customers receive a call from an unknown phone number, after which a bot answers, which then redirects to a person impersonating a bank employee – this is a new scam that BNP Paribas is warning against. In a statement, the bank explains the details of how the scammers operate.

“For several days now, we have been receiving information about a new fraud method. It involves calls made to bank customers from an unknown telephone number. After answering the call, an automated voiceover starts, providing a few digits to choose from, and after selecting any option, the customer connects with a fraudster who pretends to be a bank employee,” BNP Paribas wrote in a statement.

Call from a bot, a new scam

Fraudsters are trying to steal login details and gain access to customer accounts, which is why the bank has prepared several tips on how to defend yourself against fraud attempts.

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BNP Paribas stressed that “bank employees never ask for:

– login or password for online banking; – installation of additional software or obtaining remote access to Clients' computers/phones; – full card number and CVV code; – entering the code BLIKmaking a transfer, depositing or withdrawing money at an ATM or bank branch”.

The message reads: “If you have any doubts as to whether you are talking to a bank employee, hang up! Check the number on the website and call back.”

Bank employee identity check

“You can also easily and free of charge confirm the identity of the hotline employee in the GOmobile application,” the bank emphasized.

He explained that during the conversation, the employee can be asked to confirm his or her identity.

“You will receive a PUSH notification in the GOmobile application. In the notification content, we will send the employee's data. Ask the employee to provide their name and surname. If the data is correct, confirm the notification by entering the PIN set for the GOmobile application,” the message explained.

“Do not continue the conversation until you receive such confirmation,” it said.

Fraudsters impersonate banks

Earlier, CSIRT KNF warned against fraudsters impersonating PKO BP, and about the campaign of fraudsters impersonating mBank.

At the beginning of the year, CSIRT KNF warned against fraudsters who impersonated ING Bank Śląski. Cybercriminals tried to extort electronic banking data through fake websites.

CSIRT KNF also warned against fraudsters impersonating BNP Paribas bank. As indicated, cybercriminals sent e-mails with false information. It was about the alleged need to update data.

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