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Campus Poland of the Future 2023. Rafał Trzaskowski-Donald Tusk – debate between the mayor of Warsaw and the chairman of the Civic Platform

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On the last day of the Campus Poland of the Future, Rafał Trzaskowski had a debate with the chairman of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk. – Here on Campus you can measure the pulse of the young generation, here you can really see what young people care about – said Trzaskowski. – I want to win this future for you at all costs, and not watch like a fan – Tusk told the audience. He announced that on September 9, his party would present “one hundred details for the first hundred days of government.”

Wednesday is the last day of this year’s Poland of the Future Campus. This is the third edition of the event organized by the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski.

In the afternoon, there was a debate between Trzaskowski and the chairman of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk.

Kosiniak-Kamysz and Hołownia in the fire of questions at Campus Polska Przyszłości

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Trzaskowski: here on Campus you can measure the pulse of the young generation

At the beginning, Trzaskowski thanked the volunteers for their involvement in organizing the Campus. – We are really talking about the future – he said.

– How today’s rulers are detached from reality can be seen from the referendum questions they are preparing for us, because they are trying to solve problems that have already been resolved a long time ago, because no one wants to raise the retirement age, or those that do not exist today, so that after this huge gesture of solidarity on the part of Polish society and the acceptance of our brothers and sisters from Ukraine, no one is now requiring us to accept hundreds of thousands of immigrants, which PiS talks about all the time – he said.

– Here on Campus you can measure the pulse of the young generation, here you can really see what young people care about and what worries them – he added.

Tusk: thanks to the issues you raise, we managed to create a project “one hundred specifics for the first hundred days”

Donald Tusk he said that thanks to “certain hints” from young people, which he heard during previous editions of the Campus, he managed to turn them into specific postulates. As an example, he gave the case of last year’s question from one of the participants regarding the establishment of the Silesian language as a regional language. – Thanks to this meeting, in Silesia I met many activists, local government officials, people of culture and we included it in our project. The regional Silesian language will be taken care of, he said.

As he continued, thanks to such “specific issues” raised by the young generation, it turned into a project of “one hundred specifics for the first hundred days”.

– You also talked about women’s rights on Campus, which is completely obvious. It is a tragedy that it is obvious that in Poland we must demand equal rights for women and men. But it also gave us an impulse and our internal need to say specifically that we will be for women’s rights, including in such a controversial issue as abortion – up to the 12th week (it) is a woman’s decision, in consultation with medical care, but a woman’s decision – he said, referring to the PO’s already announced submission of a draft concerning a woman’s right to abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy in the next term of office of the Sejm.

Tusk: On September 9, we will present one hundred specifics for one hundred days

– On September 9, we will present one hundred specifics for one hundred days, but before that we must make a big change – announced the PO leader.

– I am a faithful student Lech Wałęsa from those old days, who was obsessed that you had to win, you couldn’t give up, you couldn’t be pretty, that you were going to a very serious, hard fight, hard work and you had to use different ways – he said.

– I want to win this future for you at all costs, and not watch like a fan – he told the crowd. – May the freedom and democracy, for which my generation fought, also be yours and that you arrange your own lives and arrange Poland according to your own understanding, (…). I count on your trust, even when I make difficult and controversial decisions, continued the PO leader.

Tusk on the issue of abortion: it is about whether a woman should decide about herself or someone elsePhotos of the organizer

Trzaskowski: we focus on the future

– We focus on the future and on very specific solutions to specific problems – said Trzaskowski.

– There is nothing more important than, above all, issues related to democracy, to free people elections. There is nothing more important than respect for everyone, respect for people with different views – emphasized the mayor of Warsaw, who is also the vice-chairman of PO.

Donald Tusk and Rafał Trzaskowski at Campus Poland of the FuturePAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

Tusk: there are two capitals that today everyone who rules in Poland must have in their hearts and minds as the most important

One of the questions from the audience concerned foreign policy priorities for the possible future government that would be formed after the elections.

– It is obvious that we must save what is most important for Poland at the moment when it comes to relations with the EU. That is, our presence in the European Union, this is a process so that there is no longer the risk that we will be taken away in a moment. So as if this win is absolutely necessary so that we are not taken out of the European Union. And of course, we must immediately fix what is a consequence of breaking the rule of law in Poland, Tusk said.

Tusk also pointed to two European capitals that he would visit at the beginning of his rule. As he said, “there are two capitals that today everyone who rules in Poland must have in their hearts and minds as the most important”. – This is Kiev, Brussels, no order. Because our future depends to a large extent on both of them – stressed the leader. AFTER.

Tusk: The case with Giertych is simple

Tusk also spoke about presence Roman Giertych on KO lists.

– With Giertych, the matter is simple: when Kaczyński ran away from me, because we know that this is the case, and wanted to hide in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Giertych writes to me: “I will have many surprises for him, I can make up my mind even from the last place. I will catch him.” over there”. My calculation was simple: (…) I am in the position of the leader of a party that does not have their money, their television, their wiretapping – even if we did, we would not use them, although sometimes I would like to. When it comes to tools and money – we are without comparison. This is the same lesson as with Lech Wałęsa: you have to be faster, ruthless, smarter, look for maneuvers, look for stratagems, and not rest for a second and not give them a break – Tusk replied.

Tusk to Kaczyński: so that you don’t feel lonely, I’ll put Roman Giertych on the list

Tusk announced that Giertych had committed to observing party discipline in voting if he won a parliamentary seat. – He also told me that he would rather resign his mandate than break the voting discipline of the Civic Coalition – he added.

Tusk also assured: – Roman Giertych will not influence our policy on education or women’s rights. He has his views, I don’t want anyone to change their views.

In the same statement, the PO leader said that he was “asking for trust on issues that do not always arouse enthusiasm” and added that he had to take on the “darker side of politics.” – I’m tired of myths and legends how great it is to lose, how incredibly arch-Polish it is to rise up and lose. I don’t want to give you this,” Tusk said.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

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