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Campus Poland of the Future. Olga Tokarczuk, Witalij Kliczko were guests of the event. Summary of the first days

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Campus Poland of the Future is underway. During the weekend, the participants of the event took part in meetings with politicians, people of culture and science. Olga Tokarczuk, a writer and Nobel Prize winner, and the mayor of Kiev, Witalij Kliczko, visited Olsztyn. At tvn24.pl we summarize the first three days of the Campus.

On Friday, the third edition of the Campus Polska Przyszłości, organized by the Mayor of Warsaw, began in Olsztyn Rafał Trzaskowski. The event will last until Wednesday, until then there will be debates and workshops, meetings with politicians and people of culture, performances and concerts.

At tvn24.pl we summarize the weekend events at Campus Polska Przyszłości.

Meeting with Olga Tokarczuk, debate of former prime ministers, Q&A with Aleksandra and Michał Żebrowski

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Campus Poland of the Future began with a Friday meeting with Olga Tokarczuk. The Nobel laureate said that the issues of nature, the destruction of natural resources and ways to deal with the climate catastrophe are topics very close to her. She described herself as a person who “has a kind of climate depression”, admitted that she sometimes wakes up at night and thinks about the impending climate catastrophe, which now “grumbles in the countries of southern Europe or in Hawaii”.

She admitted that in her opinion the climate catastrophe should be a key problem that people should deal with. – A politician who does not understand the issue of the climate catastrophe is not trustworthy – she emphasized many times.

Olga Tokarczuk at Campus Poland of the Future PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

On Friday, a debate of former prime ministers was also held. Marek Belka, Jerzy Buzek i Ewa Kopacz they talked about the state of democracy in Poland. Across the world, democracy is in retreat and populism is on the attack. An undoubted connection with the Internet, the fall of authorities, the replacement of rational debate with emotions. So many changes that we had to and applied to Polish society after the 1990s turned out to be unbearable for part of society. (…) If today we have to fight for democracy, if forces politically opposed to democracy have come to power, it means that we must have screwed something up, said Marek Belka.

On that day, Campus participants could also ask questions to Aleksandra and Michał Żebrowski.

Witalij Kliczko at the Campus Poland of the Future

On Saturday, the special guest of the Campus Polska Przyszłości was the mayor of Kiev, Witalij Kliczko. “It was a lot easier to be a world boxing champion than it was to be mayor during the war,” he said.

He also thanked the Poles many times for the help – both the one sent to the front, to Ukrainian cities and the one given to refugees. – Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet empire and we all know that if he defeats Ukraine, he will move on to other countries, to Moldova, to Poland – said Klitschko and added that in this context it must be said that Ukrainians are fighting not only for themselves but also for others nations.

Meetings with people of culture – reporter and writer Mariusz Szczygieł and actors: Magdalena Boczarska, Maciej Stuhr and Borys Szyc were also prepared for the participants of the Campus.

The second day of the event ended with a debate of marshals on the future of Polish parliamentarism, attended by former Marshal of the Sejm Marek Borowski, Deputy Marshal of the Senate Michał Kamiński and deputy marshals of the Sejm Małgorzata Kidawa-Blonska and Piotr Zgorzelski.

Marshals debate PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

Meeting with marshals, Marian Turski and the leaders of the Left

On Sunday morning, the Marshals of the Senate of Poland and the Czech Republic – Tomasz Grodzki and Milos Vystrcil – visited the Campus.

“Auschwitz did not fall from the sky” – this was the title of the meeting with Marian Turski.

Marian Turski appeared at the Campus Polska PrzyszłościKatarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska/Fakty TVN

The guests of the Campus were also the leaders of the Left, Robert Biedron and Włodzimierz Czarzasty, who spoke about the most important postulates of their formation. They assured that the Left will always stand by women, defend animal rights, defend the constitution – from the first to the last article, including those regarding education, health care, housing, and the prohibition of discrimination.

Asked if PiS and the opposition will win 210 seats each, and the Confederation 40, the Left will not even sit down to the table with it, Czarzasty replied that “if they have 40 seats, we will buy 20, then in 2 months someone else will buy those 20.” – Poland is not for sale, there is no trade in the system of values ​​- he declared.

Robert Biedroń, Rafał Trzaskowski and Włodzimierz CzarzastyPAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

In the following days, the guests of the Poland of the Future Campus will include the US Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, the writer Remigiusz Mróz, the participants of the Warsaw Uprising Anna Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska and Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, as well as the leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

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