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Canada. A calf with a crescent-shaped mark on its forehead

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A calf with a crescent-shaped birthmark was born in Canada. There would be nothing strange about it, if not for the date of birth – the animal was born on April 8. On the same day, a total solar eclipse was visible over his home region.

On April 8, it was visible over parts of Mexico, the United States and Canada total solar eclipse. It was dark for a few minutes and the temperature dropped noticeably. One of the cities where this phenomenon occurred was Kingston, Ontario.

Small, but with character

As reported by CBC, on the same day a Holstein calf with an unusual symbol on its forehead was born in Kingston. It had a white spot on its black fur, resembling a crescent or a solar disc emerging from behind the Moon.

“I didn't really pay much attention to it until one day I took a better look and thought it looked a lot like an eclipse,” Laura Carey, the calf's owner, told CBC. She added that Holstein cows are sometimes born with unusual markings. – We saw spots that looked like hearts and those that looked like question marks – she said.

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The female was given the extremely apt name Eclipse (in English it means eclipse). She was quite small for a representative of this breed of cow – she weighed about 32 kilograms, much less than the typical weight of 45 kg. However, Carey said that Eclipse is “a little girl with big character.”

– Cows are no different from us in this respect and they have many personalities. We have a different calf now, much calmer, but Eclipse has a little more spice to it, she said.

Solar eclipse on April 8, 2024Mateusz Krymski/PAP

Main photo source: Laura Carey/Facebook

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