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Canada, British Columbia, flood. Rescue teams try to reach the trapped people. “The only way out is water”

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In recent days, heavy rainfall has hit British Columbia, one of the Canadian provinces. They caused widespread flooding and landslides. Entire cities were blocked, as well as the largest port in the country – Vancouver. Rescue teams are still trying to reach people who have been cut off from the world by the water. The state of emergency is still in force.

Rescue teams are still trying to reach over 18,000 people who were unable to evacuate as a series of floods and mudslides destroyed British Columbia’s roads, homes and bridges. Entire cities were blocked, as well as the largest port in the country – Vancouver. – Motorways are still closed or partially closed. The only way out is water, Brandyn DesJarlais was saying.

Many of the cities affected by floods are located in the mountainous areas east and northeast of Vancouver.

“It is by far the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history,” said University of Calgary economics professor Blake Shaffer, an expert in climate policy. To date, the largest natural disaster in Canada is considered to be the large fires that hit regions famous for oil production in May 2016. The coverage of the losses was $ 3.6 billion.

Record high rainfall

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The map below shows the total amount of rainfall that fell during the 24th day of November in the western Canada region. The darkest shades of red reflect the highest amounts of rainfall – in some places 100 liters of water per square meter or more have fallen. This data is estimated remote sensing data from Integrated Multi-Satellite Retrievals (IMERG). Local precipitation totals can be much higher when measured from the ground.

On November 14, 174 l / sq m was dropped at Fort Hope airport, and 53 l / sq m in Vancouver. A new record for the daily rainfall was broken in these places.

British Columbia. State of emergency

British Columbia authorities imposed a state of emergency on Wednesday. It will be valid for 14 days with the possibility of extension.

One person died as a result of heavy rainfalls that had lasted since last weekend. According to Prime Minister John Horgan, the tragic balance may even increase as the police are still looking for four missing people. As a result of the violent aura, many towns in this province were evacuated.


Financial Assistance to British Columbia

The federal government sent military aviation to aid, and Defense Minister Anita Anand stressed on Wednesday that the provincial situation was now a military priority in the central and south-western regions of British Columbia hit hardest by the heavy rains.

Downpours. Pineapple Maker

Meteorologists explain that the cause of the downpour is a phenomenon called the pineapple espresso machine or the atmospheric river. It is a moisture-laden air current about 1.5 kilometers above the ground. It stretches from the waters of Hawaii (which it owes its name to – Hawaii is the main pineapple exporter) eastward, reaching the western part of the United States and Canada.

Main photo source: Reuters

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