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Canada: Emigration at its highest level in years. Canadians move to the USA

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American Community Survey data show that in 2022 the number of people moving from Canada to the United States was 126,340. That's an increase of almost 70 percent from the 75,752 people who moved to the U.S. in 2012.

Record emigration in Canada. The most popular destination is the USA

Of those who emigrated from Canada to the United States two years ago, 53,311 were born in Canada, 42,595 were returned Americans and 30,434 were immigrants born in other countries. Statistics also show that in 2022 50% left Canada. more people born in this country than was the case in the period preceding the COVID-19 pandemic.

UN data collected by Statistics Canada shows that the United States is by far the most popular emigration destination in the country. In 2020 approximately 800,000 people lived in the USA. Canadianswhich is eight times more than in the next country on the list – Great Britain (about 100,000).

One of the reasons for the record emigration – according to the Canadian CBC television – is financial issues.

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Although the United States also struggles with inflation, in some American states the cost of living may be lower than in Canada. Mean purchase price of the house in the USA it is nearly 581 thousand. dollars compared to almost 704 thousand dollars in Canada. That's 20 percent less when adjusted for exchange rates, and in some states the price difference is even more pronounced.

Many Canadians also cite it as a reason for emigration higher wages, lower taxes and cheaper groceries. However, as CBC notes, emigrants should take into account increased home insurance rates, higher property taxes and high medical costs.

Canadians are disappointed. “It's not like it used to be”

Another issue is obtaining a green card, i.e. a permanent residence card in the USA. “It's a relatively easy process for wealthy Canadian investors and people with American spouses,” CBC reports.

It will be much more difficult to obtain permanent residence permit for a person with average earnings or someone who is not employed by an American employer.

– I have never known so many people who decide to move or have already moved. This a call for Canada to wake up and tried to keep its residents, said Monica Abramov. The woman will soon be moving to Florida with her family.

– I definitely think that unfortunately we are heading in the wrong direction – crime rates, car thefts. The health care system is rapidly deteriorating year by year. Canada it's not what it used to be – she assessed.

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