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Canada has banned the testing of cosmetics on animals

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Canada has introduced a ban on testing cosmetics on animals, joining, among others, European Union countries and selected US states.

The government of the North American country announced the change in a press release. Law C-47 amends the Food and Drug Act and prohibits the testing of cosmetics on animals and the sale of products marketed on the basis of such tests.

Canada thus joins the countries of the European Union, AustraliaGreat Britain, South Korea and ten states USA (e.g. New York or California). According to the Humane Society International, a total of 44 countries have laws prohibiting the testing of cosmetics on animals.

Alternative ways to test cosmetics

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Amendment banning the testing of cosmetics on animals as part of one of the amendment packages included in the measure. The text of the draft law states that “no one may sell a cosmetic unless he or she is able to ascertain the safety of the cosmetic without relying on data from a test carried out on an animal that could cause pain, suffering or physical or mental injury to the animal” and that “no the person does not carry out research on an animal that could cause pain, suffering or physical or mental injury to the animal.

“Protecting animals now and in the future is something many Canadians have called for and something we can celebrate now,” Canadian Health Minister Jean-Ives Duclos said in a press release. It added that Health Canada is also working to find effective alternatives to animal testing.

Cosmetic testing has historically involved “toxicity testing” where animals have focused on ingesting or inhaling certain chemicals or applying chemicals to the skin or eyes, according to the Humane Society International’s Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration.

In addition to being unnecessarily cruel, animal testing is also less effective compared to newer forms of evaluation, such as computer modeling or testing using human cells, said Humane Society International.

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