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Canada. Kangaroo chase. “He jumps around the field and hides in the bushes”

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In the Canadian province of Ontario, attempts have been going on for several days to catch a kangaroo that escaped during transport. The animal, which has been at large since Thursday, was located thanks to a drone with a thermal imaging camera. However, the marsupial eludes the services.

The animal was supposed to go from a zoo in Ontario to a zoo in neighboring Quebec. On Thursday, during transport, a driver carrying two kangaroos stopped at the zoo in Oshawa, an hour away from Toronto, where they were to spend the night.

As Cameron Preyde, an employee of the local zoo, said, “when they opened the trailer, a kangaroo jumped out over their heads and ran away.” – I have been working at the zoo for about 30 years. But I have never seen such a situation before, the man admitted in a conversation with a reporter.

About 30 people saw the escaping kangaroo in various places. Some people in the car managed to film the marsupial running on the side of the road. It’s such an unusual sight in Canada that people rubbed their eyes in amazement, reports CNN.

Attempts to catch a kangaroo are underway near Oshawa2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved

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The escaped animal is a non-aggressive kangaroo, but police advised people not to approach it for their own safety.

“We noticed him jumping around in the field”

Police and volunteers are involved in the search. One of them tracked the fugitive using a drone with a thermal imaging camera. On a farm, two kilometers from the zoo.

– First, thanks to the drone, we noticed him jumping around the field and hiding in the bushes – said one of the volunteers. – So we know where he is. The question remained how to catch him, he added.

For zoo workers, the weather is a concern. As Preyde said, kangaroos can survive temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius. About 1-2 degrees above zero was forecast for the night from Saturday to Sunday near Oshawa.

Main photo source: 2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved

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