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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Canada. Water tornado near Vancouver airport. [NAGRANIE]

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A menacing looking phenomenon off the coast of Vancouver, Canada. A large water tornado formed near the airport there. The phenomenon was filmed by local residents.

The water tornado appeared on Saturday evening in the Strait of Georgia in the Salish Sea of ​​Canada. The funnel swirled west of Vancouver International Airport and moved north toward Bowen Island Borough. The area had a tornado warning for a short time.

According to the airport’s press spokesman, the phenomenon did not disrupt the airport’s operation.

The water tornado was accompanied by a storm with heavy rainfall. You can also hear thunder on the recordings that capture the phenomenon.

What is a water tornado

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A water tornado is a kind of whirlwind that forms over a body of water. It occurs when much cooler air flows over a relatively warm water reservoir. The instability created allows air particles to rise quickly, thereby forming cumulonimbus clouds. A vertical, cloud-connected, funnel-shaped vortex forms above the water’s surface.

This is a short-term phenomenon, characterized by a weaker force than a whirlwind that forms over land, but it can also turn out to be very dangerous. In September, in Kiel, Germany, seven people were seriously injured by a whirlwind whirling in the Baltic Sea. Some people fell into the sea, and the rest were hit by objects flying in the air.

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Main photo source: Reuters / KEVIN AND ERIN ADAMS

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