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Cancers. Cancer patients are waiting longer and longer for tests and treatment

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The data leave no illusions – cancer patients are waiting longer and longer for diagnosis and therapy. Queues can be avoided and treatment can be speeded up, but it costs money and not everyone can afford it.

Stories of cancer patients and official data from the National Health Fund leave no doubt: things are getting worse in oncology. Every year, patients with the DILO card wait longer for examinations. Both introductory and in-depth.

– I had to do the diagnosis privately, because the waiting times were completely unacceptable to me. I was told that in two and a half months there will be the first date – says Mrs. Aneta Andrzejewska, suffering from breast cancer.

Comparing the data from June this year and five years ago, the percentage of cancer patients with the DILO card who received help on time dropped by as much as 13 percentage points. However, the government has optimistic visions for patients: – Our goal is Poland, where cancers are detected as early as possible and patients are treated effectively and comfortably – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in January.

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Patients are diagnosed privately

Mr. Ryszard Kurczak from Gubin, in order to treat cancer effectively and comfortably, also had to skip the queue, paying for diagnostic tests. – Accelerated gastroscopy and ultrasound. If I had waited in line through the National Health Fund, I probably wouldn’t be here by now. Ultrasound scan up to three months, and gastroscopy even half a year, so if I waited, it would be over for me – says Mr. Ryszard.

Only for an MRI in Poland you have to wait an average of two and a half months in the ordinary queue and almost two months in the emergency queue.

In the hospital, next to Mr. Ryszard Kurczak, lies Henryk Kubiak from Środa Wielkopolska. This is another cancer patient who, before being hospitalized for surgery, paid for tests in order to speed up the too long diagnosis. – I went privately, everything is nice, beautiful. After two days I had a gastroscopy done – says the patient.

Poland against the background of the European Union

What patients talk about can also be seen in the data from the report of the OECD and the European Commission. Mortality due to cancer is higher in Poland than in the European Union by as much as 15 percent.

– We are well aware, following the example of Western European countries, that the entire cancer diagnosis process should take weeks, not months. Therefore, the difference between Poland and Western Europe is weeks versus months, points out Prof. Dawid Mura, head of the Clinical Department of General and Oncological Surgery at the University Hospital in Zielona Góra.

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Currently, over a million people in Poland live with cancer. Each year, another 170,000 are diagnosed and about 100,000 die.

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