Candidates’ proposals for young people. Motyka: reduce labor taxation. Loaf: school does not prepare you for life


This political handout by PiS should be stopped, which means that 13th and 14th pensions are paid from our savings today – said Miłosz Motyka (Trzecia Droga) in “Tak jest: the time of decision”, presenting his proposals for the youngest citizens and voters . – We must remember about the issue of education. Today we are struggling with a big problem related to the overloaded core curriculum, said Mateusz Bochenek (Civic Coalition).

The guests of the “Yes it is: time to decide” program were candidates for the Sejm from the Sosnowiec district (constituency no. 32) – Miłosz Motyka (Trzecia Droga) and Mateusz Bochenek (Civic Coalition).

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Loaf: child and adolescent psychiatry is failing and the problem is getting bigger

The guests were asked about their proposal for the youngest citizens and voters. Mateusz Bochenek was the first to speak. – We must remember, for example, the issue of education. Today we are struggling with a big problem related to an overloaded core curriculum. We have a huge problem with the fact that today school does not prepare for adult life – rather in the context of exams – and teachers do not have freedom in the context of the core curriculum because they have to quickly deal with the materials – he said.

Miłosz Motyka and Mateusz Bochenek in “That’s how it is: decision time”TVN24

The second issue he mentioned was “the issue of child and adolescent psychiatry, which unfortunately is lying and the problem is getting bigger.” – This is also an area related to women’s rights, nurseries and kindergartens. They must be created in greater numbers. Women must also have this guarantee of security from the state, added the Civic Coalition candidate.

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Motyka: PiS political handouts should be stopped

Miłosz Motyka mentioned “stable employment and access to housing” among the “most important and burning issues” for young people. – Of course, we have our own recipes for these issues – he said. – We must stop this political distribution of Law and Justice, which consists in the fact that today they are paid from our savings, and from our piggy banks, de facto, 13., 14. pensions – added.

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– It would be necessary to introduce a tax-free pension and reduce labor taxation, also for the youngest people up to 35 years of age. (…) The lower taxation of labor at the very beginning for these people, the greater the incentive to look for a permanent job, stable employment – he said.

The Third Way candidate also mentioned “restoring the Startup Support program”, ensuring that “the state finally stands on the side of the citizen, not the oppressive state and the tax office”, as well as a “low-interest loan” for an apartment for young people.

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