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Cape Cod, USA. There are less than 350 right whales in the world, several dozen recently appeared in one place

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American scientists observed a group of several dozen right whales from the plane. Animals considered to be a critically endangered species have appeared off the coast of the Cape Cod peninsula in Massachusetts. It is estimated that their world population is about 350 individuals.

A team of four researchers from the Center for Coastal Studies in the US spotted a group of right whales on a plane on Friday. About 80 individuals appeared in the waters off the Cape Cod peninsula in Massachusetts.

Right whales are not uncommon in the waters of Cape Cod Bay. In March 2021, 89 individuals were spotted in the bay, including three pairs of mothers and babies. Typically, these animals migrate south for the winter and return to the bay in early spring.

Right whales

Nearly a quarter of all the world’s right whales spawn in the waters of Cape Cod Bay. This is an unusual sight as this species is critically endangered. According to scientists, it may become extinct even within a decade. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that their entire population is less than 350 individuals.

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Observations of young cetaceans are especially important for researchers, because the number of deaths of these individuals exceeds the number of births. Thanks to this, they can estimate what their future will be like. The plight of this species is a consequence of climate change, intensive shipping and commercial fishing.

Right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) occurs in the North Atlantic, off the coast of the eastern part of the USA, as well as in the waters of Western and Northern Europe. These cetaceans can also be found in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Bermuda region.

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