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Car confiscation for alcohol. The cold shower was only at the beginning. Alarming data

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The police have already seized nearly 1.6 thousand cars from drivers who drove under the influence of alcohol. This penalty did not significantly reduce the number of drunks on the roads – “Rzeczpospolita” reported on Wednesday.

“On average, over 140 vehicles a week are currently stopped by the police for drunk drivers. This is a scale similar to that which took place in the initial phase, after the introduction of new regulations on the confiscation of cars driven by alcohol. And there are still many drivers with permilles” – we read in the daily.

“According to the regulations in force since March 14 this year, the loss of a car is at risk to drivers who drive with a blood alcohol level of over 1.5 per mille, and to those who cause an accident with a blood alcohol content above 1000 per mille, or in the event of recidivism,” he reminds. Rz”.

Cold shower only at the beginning

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The daily reports, citing data from the Police Headquarters, that in less than two and a half months of the new law being in force, the police confiscated a total of 1,571 cars throughout the country.

“Contrary to expectations, the introduction of such a radical measure did not provide a definitive deterrent. 'The cold shower was only at the beginning' – admit the police. On the first day of the confiscation, 167 drunk drivers were caught, and on the first weekend – 260-270 – a day. But, for example, On April 2, on Tuesday, almost half a thousand of them were disclosed, and last weekend – over 300 a day,” the newspaper notes.

Drivers caught

According to the report, in Warsaw alone, before the car confiscation took effect (from January 4 to March 13), the police detained 107 drunk drivers and four under the influence of intoxicating substances. In a comparable period after the confiscation took effect (March 14 – May 24) – there were already 125 drunks and ten intoxicated. He notes that statistically there has been a slight increase, but these are not exactly the same months.

“Across the country, 34,000 drivers were caught using 'double gas' this year (2.2 thousand less than in the same period last year). How many of them had more than 1.5 permille, subject to car confiscation – this is not specified in the police data However, every year more than half of all people caught driving under the influence of alcohol, i.e. committing a crime, indicates a high percentage,” emphasizes “Rz”.

He points out that confiscation of cars has not worked anywhere in countries that have introduced similar solutions Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuaniabut this generates greater costs than benefits for society.

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