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Car import to Poland. We import more cars from abroad – the latest data

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In October 2023, over a quarter more used cars were imported to Poland, year on year – reported the Samar Institute. It was emphasized that “this is the highest monthly result in 2 years and the highest growth rate this year.”

Imports of used cars to Poland increased by 26.2% in October. y/y to 79,153 units – reported the Samar Institute.

In total, from the beginning of the year to the end of October, imports amounted to 674,076 units, 2.5 percent. more than a year earlier.

Increased import of used cars

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“The October increase is the fourth in a row and the highest increase this year, which may indicate the increasing availability of cars abroad. This year’s result should be around 800,000 units, slightly more than last year,” Samar pointed out.

He added that “the age of imported cars remains at a high level, but does not increase as drastically as a year earlier”, with “the average age of cars imported this year is 13 years”.

“The decisive influence on this result is the age of passenger cars, which has exceeded 13 years (13.12), and in the case of petrol engines it is increasingly approaching 14 years (13.92 years),” the institute reported.

He informed that in 2023 the most frequently imported cars to Poland are from:

1. German – 354,655 pcs. (-0.2%), 2. France – 78,446 pieces (-5.9%), 3. Belgium – 47,576 pcs. (12.2%), 4. United States – 37,630 pcs. (16.0%), 5. Netherlands – 36,254 pieces (8.6%).

Main photo source: Potashev Aleksandr / Shutterstock.com

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