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Car liability insurance. TPL premium prices go up

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TPL premium increased in the second quarter by an average of more than 4 percent compared to the first quarter. We paid PLN 600 for the obligatory policy. However, this is PLN 33 less than in the corresponding period last year – according to a report prepared by the Punkta.pl comparison website.

The report indicates that the last two years have accustomed drivers to systematic declines in TPL prices in Poland. In 2020, a strong pandemic accent could be seen especially during the first and second waves – then the prices of compulsory motor insurance fell significantly. Only the second quarter of this year brought slight increases, both at the level of the average premium in the whole country and in the case of rates in individual voivodeships.

“The rising prices of third party liability insurance are the result of, among others, the lifting of pandemic restrictions, more frequent trips and more and more frequent use of their own cars by motorists. In the second quarter, premiums increased by an average of PLN 25. As shown by the data of the Polish Chamber of Insurance, the average cost also increased by 5 percent. Inflation and labor costs are also rising. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority is also watching the price pressure. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the second quarter of this year is just the beginning of an increase in the prices of these types of insurance “- said Michał Daniluk, member of the board of Punkta.pl.

The analysis was based on the Punkta.pl data on the policies sold in the period from 1 January to 30 June this year.


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Car liability insurance – price

Analyzing quarter-on-quarter, the average TPL price in the period from April to June increased the most in Mazowieckie – by almost 8 percent, Pomeranian – by almost 7 percent. and Lower Silesia – almost 5 percent. The lowest increase in premium prices, not exceeding 1%, was recorded in the Opolskie Voivodeship. As noted, the entire first half of the year was good for this region, during which motorists paid one of the lowest premiums in Poland (PLN 514). Drivers from the Podlaskie voivodeship were right behind them (PLN 533). The Podkarpackie Province came first with the amount of PLN 508.

In the first half of the year, the greatest price fluctuations concerned urban centers and fell to drivers from Gdańsk (PLN 741), Warsaw (PLN 731) and Wrocław (PLN 717), which means that they paid 26, 24 and 22 percent respectively. more than the average liability insurance in Poland. Among voivodship cities, the inhabitants of Opole (PLN 527), Białystok (PLN 549) and Lublin (PLN 554) could count on the lowest average rates for a basic policy. The difference between the most expensive and the cheapest voivodeship city was PLN 214 – underlined.

The analysis also shows that the inhabitants of Gorzów Wielkopolski (15%) and Kielce (11%) recorded the largest increases in the average third-party liability insurance in the first half of this year.

OC – ​​who paid more

The increases were particularly felt by young drivers, who in the first half of 2021 paid an average of PLN 430 for third party liability insurance than their older colleagues with an insurance history and almost 90 percent. more than the average mandatory policy rate. Damage drivers also get their pockets. Those with at least five claims on the OC account spent 53 percent. (PLN 329) above the average premium. It was them who, as the only one from the claim group, in the first six months of the year, increased their premiums for compulsory insurance (by over 5%), the report stated.

As assessed by the board member of Punkta.pl, Małgorzata Adamczyk, an increase in TPL prices is inevitable, because insurers would have to constantly pay extra to repair losses caused by Polish drivers by keeping premiums low. “It is therefore completely natural that insurance companies push up the prices of policies for drivers with a short insurance history or a higher number of claims on the account. Especially the latter group cannot count on a reduced tariff, because in the event of an accident, third party liability insurance must protect the injured party and compensate him for losses” – said Adamczyk.

The disproportions between liability prices also depend on the size of the city. According to the analysis, the third party liability premium in cities below 100,000 inhabitants is on average almost 4 percent. lower than the average premium in a given voivodship. On average, residents of smaller towns paid for the civil liability insurance by PLN 16 (PLN 561) less than the average national premium. The biggest differences in price between a large city and a smaller town are in the Łódzkie and Mazowieckie voivodships (both are around 8%).

In addition to Punkta.pl, there are also such third party liability comparison websites on the market, such as Rankomat, Mubi, or Porowneo.

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