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Car registration using the mObywatel application. Krzysztof Gawkowski announces

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We want to create a situation in which a citizen registers a car by phone instead of at a transport office, announced the Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski, on Tuesday. This option would appear in the mObywatel application during this term of the Sejm, but the exact date is unknown.

– I want mObywtel to be interoperable, i.e. interconnected and able to use other services that are available on the market – said Krzysztof Gawkowski. As he revealed, talks on this topic have started: “We are starting to make a list of what could be combined.”

Possibility to register your car in the application

Among the announced changes in the mObywatel application would be the possibility of registering a car. When asked when this would be possible, the Minister of Digital Affairs said that it would most likely be during this term. – And when it happens, we have to wait because I have been in the ministry for a month and a few days – he said.

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According to Gawkowski, introducing the possibility of re-registering a car using the application would give citizens a sense of state stability. – Every citizen knows what it means to spend hours at a transport office. If we shortened this process to several dozen minutes of clicking on the phone and re-registering the vehicle (…), in my opinion, it would give the feeling of a stable country that is developing – he said.

As Gawkowski emphasized, several million people already use mObywatel, but on the other hand – “several million do not use it”. The PAP interlocutor announced social campaigns encouraging, among others: seniors to use digital services.

mObywatel applicationKuba Kwiatkowski/Shutterstock

Online elections?

Gawkowski was also asked about when we will be able to vote online. – I would like there to be online voting. (…) When it comes to digital possibilities, I would probably agree that elections in 2027 via the Internet would be possible, he said. However, the chances of introducing such a solution seem remote, because, as Gawkowski said, political considerations stand in the way. – We also have a political aspect. In the country where we are introducing online voting, we need to have political agreement that there is respect for the results of this electoral act, he said.

As the Deputy Prime Minister explained, the point is to ensure that no one will say after the elections that they were rigged. – Will we be able to discuss consent to political changes in the electoral law and online voting in four years? I dare you to doubt what I see happening. As a politician with some experience, I know that doing this as a political argument in Poland will be difficult to accept – concluded Gawkowski.

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