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Car4Ukraine helps to motorize fighting Ukrainians. “We will win if we are creative and mobile”

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Car to the front, preferably a station wagon, SUV or pickup. For over a year, volunteers from the Car4Ukraine organization have been buying cars in Western European countries, which they convert for the needs of the army or humanitarian organizations. The funds for this purpose are obtained from donors and vehicles upgraded in this way gain a new life, and sometimes they are simply a tool to save them.

Car4Ukraine helps to motorize fighting Ukrainians. “We will win if we are creative and mobile”Justyna Kazimierczak/Facts about the world TVN24 BiS

It began its life as a luxury, comfortable car for the rich. He will end up at the front in Ukraine. – This car can move quickly and thanks to its high ground clearance it has great off-road capability. It can reach hard-to-reach places. That’s why we turned this Porsche into a mobile command center – says Ivan Oleksiy, Car4Ukraine.

Weapon lockers were installed in the car. The car is connected to the Starlink internet system. It is equipped with a night vision camera, thanks to which soldiers, passing close to enemy lines, can turn off the lights. Porsche got to the front thanks to donors from Germany and volunteers from Car4Ukraine. – Before coming to Ukraine, the car was prepared by children from Germany, who placed small notes on it for Ukrainian children. Students glued 365 hearts. That’s cute. It was hard for us to get rid of these stickers – adds Iwan.

Ivan Oleksiy is a co-founder of the Car4Ukraine organization, which has been supplying cars to the front for over a year. During this time, volunteers handed over three hundred vehicles worth over nine million zlotys to Ukrainian soldiers. – Car4Ukraine is an international project that allows people from all over the world to join our fight. Whether through donations or by donating the car directly. We deal with logistics – says Iwan.

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The operating model is simple – the organization buys cars for donations or receives them directly from owners. Four-wheel drive and at least a two-liter engine are extremely important. People from all over the world help. One of the Americans flew to Poland specifically to buy the Ukrainians a car that might be useful at the front. After reaching Ukraine, the cars go to workshops in Lviv and the surrounding area, where they are strengthened and converted into military vehicles. – A metal plate about two fingers thick is inserted into each door. Just thick metal. The engine compartment also has counterfeit such inserts – explains Mykola Fedyk, Car4Ukraine. – We have our test driver who checks if the car is ok, if the lights are not on. If there are comments, the car returns to the workshop – adds Ivan Oleksiy.

Ukraine thanks Poland.  Video published by the Ministry of Defence

Ukraine thanks Poland. Video published by the Ministry of Defence


A matter of creativity

Although these cars may not meet the standards of NATO armored vehicles, they meet the needs of the Ukrainian military. The cars are used to transport wounded civilians and soldiers, deliver humanitarian aid, and even shoot down Russian missiles. – It’s no secret that the Russians are outnumbered and have more weapons. We will win if we are creative and mobile – explains Iwan.

Cars from Great Britain are especially valuable. There are a lot of vans and pickups on the local market that are easy to adapt to combat conditions. They are also cheaper than cars from Germany or Poland. But there is something else that makes soldiers value them. Due to the fact that the steering wheel is on the right side, it is easy to confuse the enemy. To make the task of Russian snipers more difficult, Ukrainians often place a dummy on the passenger seat. – If there is an enemy in front of you who aims to destroy you, he has more mixed feelings when he does not understand who and where the driver is – explains Mykola Fadyk. – This gives the driver a chance to survive, but also more time to react when he knows that he has been spotted – admits Ivan Oleksiy.

Car4Ukraine distinguishes something else. Volunteers who support the campaign offer a one-day guided tour of Kiev, Bucha and Irpen. They also organize meetings with soldiers who fight for the freedom of Ukraine.

Author:Justyna Kazimierczak

Facts about the world TVN24 BiS

Main photo source: Car4Ukraine

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