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Carbon additive. The government has adopted the bill – comments the economist Edyta Wojtyla

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The government has adopted a bill on the carbon allowance – the one-time benefit is to amount to PLN 3,000. – This is an idea that does not prevent the crisis and the fact that we will not have raw materials – said economist Dr. Edyta Wojtyla from the WSB University in Poznań.

It is a draft act on the carbon supplement prepared by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The project is already in the Sejm.

Government coal ideas. “First something is announced, then it changes several times”

“I wonder if anyone knows what it’s going to be like.” These laws have recently been introduced like this. At first something is announced, then it changes several times, and in the end we do not know how it will ultimately be. It is difficult for me to say today what will happen in a few hours and what will happen, how these subsidies will function – said Wojtyla.

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In her opinion, “the idea is chaotic”. – There is something to put out the fire again, because we are afraid that there will be no coal, we will not have raw materials for the fall, for the winter. I think the panic is already quite big, because people are clearly afraid that they will freeze in winter. We are not secured in deliveries, despite the fact that for many months – also before the war – we knew that (…) there would be problems – said the economist.

According to Wojtyla, the supplement will not prevent the coal crisis. – Raw materials are limited all over the world. Other countries were already securing themselves against the war. The coal problem emerged after the pandemic, with less production of raw materials, less production due to downtime and restrictions in various countries. Then we had the so-called deferred demand, which caused the world demand, including for coal, to double-doubled – she emphasized.

She added that “all this was compounded by the war.” – All the time we were at the level of several dozen percent of coal consumption from the East, z Russia and that is our biggest problem. Three thousand (zlotys) is neither a medicine nor a vitamin. It is nothing compared to what awaits us when it comes to global problems with raw materials, she noted.

– This is another gift. I don’t know where from, because these three thousand have to be somewhere (when it comes to financing sources – ed.). There will probably be a lot of recipients, because in Poland a lot of people use coal when it comes to heating. We have a lot of boiler rooms, many farms that heat their homes in this way, and we also have entrepreneurs who heat their businesses – said the economist.

Carbon supplement – for whom?

According to the draft approved by the government, the carbon allowance will amount to 3 thousand. PLN and will be paid once.

The carbon allowance is to be granted to a household, if the main source of heating that household is: a solid fuel boiler, fireplace, goat, air heater, kitchen stove, stove, coal stove or solid fuel tiled stove, fueled with hard coal, briquettes or pellets containing at least 85% hard coal.

It was stipulated that a prerequisite for obtaining a carbon allowance is obtaining an entry or reporting the heating source to the Central Emission Register of Buildings (CEEB).

As we read on government websites, the deadline for submitting applications for the payment of the carbon allowance will expire on November 30 this year.

The Government Information Center announced in a press release that the government will allocate approx. PLN 11.5 billion for the payment of the carbon allowance.

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