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Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz. There will be no investigation into concealing pedophilia among clergy. The court upheld the prosecutor’s decision

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The Krakow court on Monday dismissed the complaint of MEP Łukasz Kohut against the refusal to initiate an investigation into the case of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz. The MEP accused the hierarchy of participating in the practice of concealing the sexual abuse of priests against minors. He submitted a notification to the prosecutor’s office after the TVN24 report “Don Stanislao. The other face of Cardinal Dziwisz” was broadcast.

The court’s decision was commented on Monday by MEP Łukasz Kohut himself, who filed a complaint against the prosecutor’s refusal to initiate an investigation. – The court decided that, as a citizen or MEP, I have no legal interest in appealing against the decisions of the prosecutor’s office, because I am not the victim or the family of the victims, said the MEP.

The case of the investigation into Cardinal Dziwisz – the court’s decision is final

– The court found that the interests of the proper conduct of criminal proceedings or the functioning of the administration of justice are not sufficient to conclude that a person who has submitted such a report has the right to appeal against a decision refusing to initiate an investigation, Kohut added.

The court’s decision is final. – I was hoping that Cardinal Dziwisz would be able to invite him to some secular confession. It turns out that so far Vatican, sending Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco to Poland, has done more in this matter than the Polish state. Polish authorities did not want to be interested in it at all, said Kohut. He also drew attention to the rapid decision-making in this case both by the prosecution and the court.

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WATCH ON TVN24 GO: “Don Stanislao. The other face of Cardinal Dziwisz”

Cardinal Stanisław DziwiszŁukasz Gągulski / PAP

The prosecutor’s office refused to initiate an investigation into Cardinal Dziwisz

In January this year the Krakow district prosecutor’s office refused to initiate an investigation into the case of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz. According to the prosecutor’s office, there were no grounds to initiate an investigation in connection with a possible failure to notify – as the spokesman of the Krakow PO explained – within a specified period of time, the law enforcement agencies, i.e. the police and the prosecutor’s office, about “a possible crime committed by priests, due to the lack of legal obligation to report such crimes” . The prosecutor’s office also decided that – as the spokesman pointed out – “transferring a priest to another parish does not impede the proceedings in the case or hide the person”.

Kohut then commented on the matter on social media. “In Poland, the alliance between the throne and the altar is in full swing – some are – for now – unpunished. But it was worth it – a drop is hollowing the rock, I feel that I am doing everything in my power in this matter” – wrote the MEP.

Announcement after the reportage “Don Stanislao. The other face of Cardinal Dziwisz”

Kohut’s notification about the possibility of committing crimes by Cardinal Dziwisz was received by the prosecutor’s office on November 13 last year. The politician referred to the report “Don Stanislao. The other face of Cardinal Dziwisz”, broadcast in early November last year on TVN24, which presented reports and conversations indicating that Cardinal Dziwisz participated in the procedure of covering up sexual abuse by priests against minors.

The MEP informed the prosecutor’s office about the possibility of the cardinal committing crimes consisting in obstructing the disclosure of sexual abuse of minors by clerics and failing to notify the relevant law enforcement authorities. Kohut accused the cardinal of knowing about the crimes committed by the clergy and taking active steps to silence the case, e.g. he was responsible for transferring the perpetrator to another parish.

Cardinal Dziwisz’s statement after the report was broadcast

Cardinal Dziwisz, in reaction to the TVN24 report, issued a statement in which he proposed that an independent commission should evaluate the actions taken by the Church in the issues raised in “Don Stanislao. Cardinal Dziwisz’s Duga Face”. “I am ready to fully cooperate with such a committee,” he declared. “I care about explaining these matters in a transparent manner. It is not about whitewashing or concealing any negligence, but about a reliable presentation of the facts” – the cardinal noted.

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In a statement to the Italian agency ANSA, the cardinal said the charges against him were “defamatory” and aimed at undermining his “humble” service to Saint John Paul II.

Main photo source: Łukasz Gągulski / PAP

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