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Caribbean. Russia is sending planes and ships. Maneuvers after Putin's threats

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“US authorities they track the movement of Russian ships and planeswhich are heading for Caribbeanto take part in maneuvers there in the coming weeks,” the AP agency reported on Wednesday, citing sources in the US administration. It is also possible that these units will call at ports in Venezuela in case Cuba.

American officials estimate that it was built by Russia military presence in the Western Hemisphere is noteworthy but not alarming. Only one person will take part in the exercises “a handful” of Russian ships and auxiliary units and they will be monitored by the US military, the sources emphasized.

Russian maneuvers off the coast of America. “She didn't inform Washington”

Russia has sent its ships to the Caribbean region before. However, AP emphasizes that this time the maneuvers will take place after threats from the Russian dictator Vladimir Putinthat it will take “asymmetrical steps” in retaliation for the US president's decision Joe Biden about the permit Ukraine to use American weapons to strike inside Russia to defend itself Kharkov.

According to the officials quoted, exercises are part of it broader Russian response to US support for Ukrainebut also an attempt to show that the Kremlin navy is capable of projecting power in the world after losing several ships in Ukrainian strikes.

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Moscow she did not inform Washington about plans to conduct maneuvers, but the US Navy detected the movements of Russian ships,” the sources noted. Officials expect the ships to remain in the region until the end of summer and will participate in further exercises in the Caribbean Sea.

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