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Carlos Saura is dead. The Spanish director was 91 years old

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Carlos Saura, one of the most recognizable Spanish directors, has died at the age of 91. He created such films as “Feed the Ravens”, “Carmen”, “Mama is 100” and “Tango”. During the Francoist regime, he actively opposed censorship.

The Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the death of the director. “Saura, one of the most important filmmakers in the history of Spanish cinema, died today at his home at the age of 91, surrounded by his loved ones. His latest film ‘Las paredes hablan’ premiered last Friday, a testament to his tireless activity and passion for his profession until the last minute,” the organization said in a Twitter post on Friday, February 10. The cause of the director’s death was not disclosed.

Carlos Saura – who was he?

Born in 1932, Saura made his first steps in the world of art as a photographer. He graduated from the Institute of Cinematography in Madrid, later becoming a lecturer there. It was there that he made his first films, including a documentary about his older brother. In 1963, he was expelled from the university by the regime of General Franco, whose rule and the censorship introduced at that time, the artist openly opposed.

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Saura became internationally famous in the 1966 film The Hunt. The director was the winner of many prestigious awards, including the Golden Palm for “Carmen” (1983) and “Feed the Ravens” (1976) or the Berlin Golden Bear for “Faster, Faster” (1981). Two of Saura’s films were nominated for Oscar in the category of the best foreign language film: in 1979, the film “Mama is 100 years old” was nominated, in 1988 – “Tango”.

As “El Pais” emphasizes, critics consider Saura to be one of the quartet of great Spanish cinema masters, including Luis Buñuel, Luis García Berlanga and Pedro Almodóvar.

Main photo source: Francisco Guasco/EPA/PAP

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