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Carriers’ protest. Donald Tusk: I will do everything possible to make the fate of Polish transport companies easier

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I will really do everything possible to make the life and fate of Polish transport companies easier – said Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Wednesday, when asked about the carriers’ protest on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

After Wednesday’s meeting of the Council of Ministers, journalists asked the Prime Minister what solutions would be implemented to end the carriers’ protest on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Tusk: a lot can be achieved in cooperation with the Ukrainians

– This protest was mixed, i.e. there were carriers, drivers, but also Polish farmers from the “Deceived Village”. I got to know this community, I understand their fears and the sources of these fears well. On my authority, Minister Siekierski talked to farmers for a long time and this part of the protest was extinguished. We will definitely act. I think they trust us, Tusk said.

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The head of government recalled that “the Ukrainian side presented several proposals that could have eased the situation of Polish drivers, but these are insufficient from the point of view of the interests of Polish drivers.”

In his opinion, a quick change of regulations at the European level seems unlikely. – At the European level, regulations are in force until June, which are one of the sources of these problems. I don’t think anything radical will have changed at the European level by June – I say that openly. But operationally, you can obtain a lot of facilities and security for Polish carriers in cooperation with Ukrainians, he pointed out.

Prime Minister: the situation is dramatic

He added that he was preparing for a visit to Kiev.

– I feel a bit embarrassed to talk about it, because I know what President Zelenskiy’s situation is like Ukraine. It is not right to go to Kiev and devote the entire visit to Polish transport issues. But we will prepare this visit in such a way that during my meeting with the president it will be clear what is to be achieved, Tusk emphasized. The Prime Minister also announced that he would “ask drivers not to block the crossing just because of the war.” – The situation is dramatic and I can declare that I will do everything possible to make the life and fate of Polish transport companies easier – he concluded.

The carriers’ protest continues

Since November 6, there has been a protest by carriers who do not allow trucks to pass at crossings, including: in Korczowa and Dorohusk (Lublin Voivodeship). Only buses and transports carrying food, humanitarian aid and fuel are allowed to pass. The protesters are demanding, among other things: introducing commercial permits for Ukrainian companies to transport goods, excluding humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army; suspension of licenses for companies established after the explosion war in Ukraine and carrying out their inspection. There is also a proposal to eliminate the so-called electronic queue on the Ukrainian side.

Main photo source: Marcin Bielecki/PAP

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