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Cars blocked a gas station – drivers protested against high gasoline prices

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On Sunday, the Orlen station in Bielsko-Biała was blocked by a dozen passenger cars at once. Drivers blocked the entrance for about an hour and protested against the high prices, the Bielskiedrogi.pl portal reported.

On Sunday, “broken” cars blocked the Orlen station in Bielsko-Biała at Andera Street. On that day, in this place, you had to pay PLN 7.94 for a liter of 95 petrol – described the portal.

Euro price falls. The dollar is falling. The zloty is getting stronger and the fuel is going up. I don’t think it is sticky. Economically, no one can explain why – said one of the participants of the action at the Orlen station in a statement for bielskiedrogi.pl.

As the portal described further, the station owner called the police patrol – when the services arrived, all the cars fired again. “As we managed to establish, the policemen did not issue any fines” – wrote the portal.

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High prices at the stations

According to the data of the Reflex Brokerage House, it is up-to-date fuel prices are at an average level: 95 lead-free petrol – 7.89 PLN / l, 98 lead-free petrol costs 8.45 PLN / l, diesel fuel 7.39 PLN / l, and autogas 3.60 PLN / l. “In a small part of the stations, we already pay above PLN 8 / l for a liter of Pb95 gasoline, but at the weekend there may be much more of such stations” – analysts wrote in the statement on Friday.

Gasoline prices keep growing. At some stations, you have to pay even more than PLN 8 per liter for the popular 95. According to Dawid Czopek, the manager of the Polaris Investment Fund, if we exceed the level of PLN 8 at most stations, prices may significantly accelerate. – Then, for example, we will see 8.50 per liter – fuel market expert said in “Get up and weekend” on TVN24.

“Poland is a gigantic importer of ready-made Russian fuels”. We explain

During the month, the average price of PB95 gasoline in Poland increased by PLN 1.22, the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels announced on Monday.

According to PIPP data, as of June 3, the average price of gasoline was PLN 7.88 / liter compared to PLN 6.66 on May 2, 2022.

The average diesel price dropped by PLN 0.03 to PLN 7.40 / liter. The average LPG price dropped by PLN 0.06 to PLN 3.56.

Main photo source: TVN24

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