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Cars. Toyota, Kia and Skoda in the lead – registrations in August 2021, PZPM report

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Registrations of passenger cars have slowed down. In August, 33,218 new cars were registered, which means a decrease in annual terms by 4.3 percent, the Polish Automotive Industry Association reported on the basis of preliminary data from the Central Vehicle Register.

In the opinion of PZPM representatives, “the passenger car market has slowed down in the last two months, probably due to smaller supplies due to the lack of semiconductors”.

The same reason is also indicated by experts from the Samar Institute. “Traditionally, July and August are the period of summer holidays and holidays, in which the demand for cars is lower. However, it is also worth paying attention to the restrictions in the availability of cars for several months due to problems with semiconductors. The production of some models has been significantly limited or even stopped. , which is clearly reflected in the supply of cars and the condition of the market “- he pointed out.

Passenger cars – registrations

The preliminary data of PZPM show that in the group of passenger cars in August this year 33,218 units were registered, which is 1,489 cars (-4.3%) less than the year before and 5,631 cars (-14.5%) less than in July this year.

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As we read, last month individual buyers registered 8.1 thousand. new passenger cars, i.e. less than 6.5 percent. than last year and less by 12.9 percent. than a month earlier. During this time, institutional buyers registered 25.1 thousand. cars. This result was also lower, both on an annual and monthly basis, by 3.6%, respectively. and 15 percent

In August, 17,379 passenger cars with gasoline drive, 5,189 so-called soft hybrids (MHEV) and 4,571 classic hybrids (HEV) were registered. In addition, 3,627 diesel cars and 1,319 electric cars.


Passenger cars – brands and models

According to preliminary CEP data, Toyota was the leader of the ranking. 5256 new passenger cars of this manufacturer were registered. On the podium there were also Kia – 2,985 units and Skoda – 2,732 units. The top five was completed by Hyundai – 2,723 units and Volkswagen – 2,068 units.

On the other hand, Toyota Corolla came first with 1,181 registered cars in the overall model ranking. This model was promoted from second place a year ago. In August this year. the second was the Toyota RAV4 with 1,136 vehicles and the third was the Fiat Tipo with 964 registered vehicles. In addition, the top five also included: Hyundai I30 – 913 units and Dacia Duster – 904 cars. Last year’s leader, the Skoda Octavia (838 units), was in the 9th position.

Since the beginning of this year, 314,190 new passenger cars have been registered, 57,236 (+22.3%) more than in the corresponding period of 2020.

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