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Case files in the garage. Judge Beata Morawiec comments

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Judge Beata Morawiec commented on the case of court files from the prosecutor’s office in Lublin, which were to be kept in the garage, on Saturday on TVN24. – We were all very surprised when such a collection of documents was revealed in such an interesting place – she said. She added that “the action of concealing certain aspects of the activities undertaken by the prosecutor’s office and possibly depriving other people who could deal with these matters of access to these files is torpedoing investigations.”

The acting national prosecutor, Jacek Bilewicz, asked the regional prosecutor in Lublin, Jerzy Ziarkiewicz, to clarify the matter of storing files. Ziarkiewicz allegedly blocked cases involving politicians for years PIS, and he was supposed to keep files on inconvenient matters in the garage. The case was described by “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Everything came to light when a driver from the prosecutor’s office complained that he had nowhere to park his car because the garage was full of files. Ziarkiewicz is a trusted person of the former Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro.

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Case files in the garage? Acting National Prosecutor demands explanations, former deputy minister talks about “gross slander”Martyna Olkowicz/Fakty po Południu TVN24

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Judge Morawiec on “torpedoing investigations”

Judge Beata Morawiec said it was “surprising”. – I think we were all very surprised when such a collection of documents was revealed in such an interesting place. I don’t want to talk about how they were secured. The loss of one document from the file by the person responsible for it constitutes disciplinary proceedings at least. So I wonder how, why and why, in such quantity, the gentleman who had access to the files decided to store these documents in such conditions, exposing them to destruction – said the judge.

She emphasized that “a person who has documents as important as the files of preparatory proceedings is obliged to take care of these documents.”

– If an original document that has legal significance is lost, it is even more irresponsible – she said. She added that in her opinion it was deliberate. – Action consisting in concealing certain aspects of the activities undertaken by the prosecutor’s office and possibly depriving other people who could deal with these cases of access to these files. This is torpedoing investigations and, as they say, it is ugly in our country, sweeping under the carpet problems that existed and which we might not notice now if we had not discovered these files, said Morawiec.

President Duda “continues in his persistence in violating the rule of law”

Judge Morawiec also commented on the president’s words Andrzej Duda, who in an interview for “Super Express” said that he “does not feel responsible for the chaos” in the justice system. – I believe that the changes that were made in the justice system were necessary – said the president.

– These statements that we now hear from the president aim to diminish his responsibility for the destruction of the justice system. It cannot be denied that each of the president’s actions, even initially assessed as justified and wise, ended in the worst possible way for the justice system – said the judge. She added that Andrzej Duda “is still stubborn in violating the rule of law.”

– I am ashamed that Mr. Andrzej Duda is a graduate of the same university and that as the President of the Republic of Poland he does not fulfill his statutory and constitutional duties. I am very sorry, because throughout the entire period of his holding this honorable position, he showed us that he was implementing the ideas and plans of his political group, and not the interests of Poland and Poles, said Morawiec.

In her opinion, Duda does not care about the image of our country. – We are poorly assessed by the president’s decisions in Europe, around the world, in legal circles and among ordinary people. Unfortunately, maintaining this belief that he is infallible because he presents his positions to us constantly and unchangingly does not eliminate the bad impression he has been building over so many years. Not to mention that these actions are simply harmful to our image, to the state and to the rule of law, she said.

Morawiec: the president’s obstruction binds our wings

In her opinion, “if we had a president who could approach legislative work, interpretation, and compliance with the constitution and principles of law objectively, without prejudice, in accordance with the letter of the law, we could carry out the legislative process aimed at correcting the situation in which we currently operate very efficiently.” “.

– We were prepared for changes, hoping that finally people who care about the rule of law, who care about Poland and Poles will have a say in the Sejm and the Senate and will be able to create regulations consistent with the constitution and EU law. Because we were prepared, we are also ready to legislative processes. However, the president’s obstruction and assurances that he will not sign these bills, which will even pass both houses of Parliament if they are not in line with his expectations, unfortunately tie us down, it is sad but true, said Judge Morawiec.

As she added, “we will have to take small steps to correct this situation and fight for the rule of law effectively, patiently and consistently.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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