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Castle in Łapalice. The unfinished construction has become an illegal tourist attraction

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It is “the youngest castle in Europe”. The construction started 40 years ago, however, has long been suspended. The area is closed, there are boards informing about the prohibition of entry. Despite this, tourists are coming in. Once, someone in an off-road vehicle even broke through the gate. Recently there has been a serious accident.

Last Saturday after 10 pm two 15-year-olds the boys fell into the elevator shaft. – We learned that there were three other people on the scene who did not see the whole event directly, but heard the scream and fall. They ran and saw the boys lying in the elevator spot. It was these three people who notified the services – says St. Post. Aldona Domaszk from the County Police Headquarters in Kartuzy.

As the policewoman adds, the boys’ lives and health are not in danger. When they are released from the hospital and their health condition allows it, they will be questioned.

Castle in ŁapaliceTVN facts

The construction site is fenced, there are also boards with information about the prohibition of entry. However, this prohibition is notoriously broken. – In the past, policemen had already talked with the owner of the facility to fence the property in a way that prevented unauthorized access. However, the fence still has some shortcomings. Despite the danger, people enter, risking their lives and health – adds Domaszk.

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However, as the owner of the castle himself assures and the mayor of Kartuzy, visitors constantly destroy the security of the building. In the past, they even had to cross the gate with an off-road car with ropes just to get inside.

They ripped open the gate, painted directions on how to enter

The building in Łapalice is sometimes called “the youngest castle in Europe”. Piotr Kazimierczak, a businessman and sculptor from Gdańsk, came up with the idea. He got a building permit and the works started in the 1980s. It was supposed to be an art studio, but something much bigger was created. However, there were problems, first financial, then more. In 2013, the district building supervision inspector in Kartuzy decided to abandon further works. Earlier, decisions on the order to demolish the building were issued, but they were revoked.

In the end, however, the castle managed to achieve considerable dimensions: it consists of several floors, has 52 rooms, 365 windows, a large ballroom and 12 turrets. In total, it is about five thousand square meters.

There have been many ideas for the building over the years. In 2015, it was even interested in buying it a group of Harry Potter fans. A year ago, the authorities of Kartuzy informed about preparation of a spatial development plan, the idea of ​​a hotel in the castle emerged. So far the ideas have ended.

The owner himself does not want to talk about his plans. As long as he does not have a permit to complete the construction, he cannot do anything anyway.

– There is no way to secure it, people break all the rules. It is a private area, there are boards, and we have to go there all the time and secure it as much as possible – said Piotr Kazimierczak in an interview with the tvn24.pl portal.


He said he was worried about the condition of the two 15-year-olds who fell into the shaft on Saturday. But he doesn’t know what more he could do. – What we do the next day is destroyed. People can drive in cars and push the gate out. There is no power, Unless we put 24/7 security, but what are the costs – he added.

The facility is also monitored by the municipal police and the commune, but this also does not help. As you can see on the spot, someone even sprayed “ENTRY” on the gate and added arrows to indicate a place where it is easier to go to the other side.

Entrance to the castle in Łapalice markedTVN facts

They are to adopt a spatial development plan

Mieczysław Gołówński, the mayor of Kartuzy, said that he is in contact with the owner of the building. The commune is preparing a spatial development plan for this area.

– The investor, i.e. the owner, is interested in completing this construction, but must have a permit. Therefore, a spatial development plan is being implemented, which should already be adopted and adopted by the City Council in the first quarter of next year. Then the facility will be possible to implement, as planned, said the mayor.

He added that the only way to secure this castle is to finish its construction.

– The owner secures this facility every now and then, but unfortunately the desire to invade someone’s property is stronger – explained Gołówński.

– People are tearing open doors, breaking padlocks. This is private property, so we have no influence on security either. However, when the owner made the gates, they were torn out with large vehicles. From time to time, the Municipal Police notifies the owner of the need to secure the facility again. At the request of local residents, we also introduced a new traffic organization, which was to limit the access to the facility to unauthorized persons, i.e. entry ban for vehicles without IDs. Despite the intervention of the police and city guards, however, the ban is broken or tourists go to the castle on foot – he added.

Planned inspection by the building supervision inspectorate

The castle is a problem not only for the owner and the commune, but also for the inhabitants. Tourists who come often with rubbish and block access to their homes.

– A letter will be sent to the poviat building supervision inspectorate in order to carry out inspections under the supervision and security of this facility – announces the st. Post. Aldona Domaszk.

The unfinished construction of the castle in ŁapaliceTVN facts

A few years ago, Piotr Kazimierczak said about the castle that it was “his life’s work”. Now, he said, he tries not to go there because he cannot look at the unfinished building.

I do not want to comment on the information on the spatial development plan to be adopted by the City Council.

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