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Weather for today – Thursday 28.10. The temperature will rise to 18 degrees Celsius, plenty of sunshine

Weather for today. Thursday will be spent with a lot of sunshine in almost the whole country. The temperature at the...

“Facebook Papers”. Facebook algorithms contributed to “social civil war” in Polish politics – “Washington Post” reports

"Most political parties in Poland complain about Facebook's algorithms and unclear rules about which posts appear on user boards and which disappear in...

Warsaw. Two people detained, in the apartment “drugs worth over 300,000”

Warsaw policemen found over five kilograms of drugs worth PLN 330,000 in an apartment in Gocław. Two men were arrested for the...

Automotive. “Lack of support can mean layoffs” Employers plead for help

The automotive industry is struggling with supply chain problems and more companies are temporarily shutting down their plants. - Without support, companies...

What can be braided? A question from “Millionaires” for 20,000 zlotys

What can be braided: lakes, seas, rivers or mountains? Mr. Maksymilian Marcinowski from Poznań answered this question from "Millionaires" for 20,000 zlotys.Mr....

NIK report on the Justice Fund. Session of a committee in the Sejm, argument, tensions, quarrels between deputies

During the meeting of the justice and human rights and public finance committees, the results of the audit by the Supreme Audit Office...
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