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Matilda. Police: she came out on the road from behind a standing car. She died on the spot

A tragedy on the road, a pedestrian died. The preliminary findings of the police show that she stepped onto the road from...

Polkowice. They did not forget about him, detained after 18 years

In 2001, during a car deal, he was supposed to cheat a contractor for 10,000 German marks, and in 2002, using forged documents,...

Francois Fillon, former prime minister of France, nominated to the board of directors of the Russian oil company Zarubezhneft

Former French prime minister Francois Fillon has been nominated by the Moscow government to the board of directors of the Zarubezhneft oil company...

Warsaw. Sports zone in Picasso. They will renovate the pitches and the court

The complex of sports fields and courts at Picasso in Białołęka, closed for years, will undergo a major renovation. The district authorities...

Wroclaw. Invasive turtles will be caught from the City Moat

Between July and October, a group of herpetologists will catch turtles from the Wrocław City Moat. Reptiles, which are invasive species, pose...

How to avoid a hacker attack? There are at least three ways

"Hacker attacks are taking place all over the world," writes Minister Michał Dworczyk in a statement. They concern not only public figures....
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