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Joan’s case. Solidarity demonstrations in many Polish cities, including Krakow

On Tuesday, solidarity demonstrations with Joanna were organized in Polish cities. She appeared on the one in Krakow, where she told how...

The inhabitants of the Goleniów commune do not want a medical and veterinary waste incineration plant

The inhabitants of the Goleniów commune are protesting against the plans to build a medical and veterinary waste disposal plant because they are...

Russia-Moldova. The Moldovan Foreign Ministry announces that the Russian ambassador to Chisinau will be summoned on suspicion of espionage

The Moldovan Foreign Ministry has announced that it will summon Russian ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov to clarify media reports that spying equipment has been...

Radom. One year suspended prison for gynecologist for accepting money and assisting in abortion. The surgery did not take place

The court of a gynecologist from Radom, who was charged by the prosecutor's office with a total of one year in prison, suspended...

North Korea. Visit of Chinese and Russian delegations on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War

High-ranking delegations from China and Russia will arrive in North Korea this week, the first visits of this level since the outbreak of...

Joan’s case. The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration defends the intervention of the police. Opposition comments

The police who want to save someone by making them undress, crouch and cough are police who have absolutely no idea what they...
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