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Lebanon. The bride Israa Seblani recalls the moment of the explosion in Beirut

A 29-year-old Lebanese woman posed for photos in a wedding dress on a square in Beirut on Tuesday. Then there was a...

Did Fortnite simply copy Ana Coto’s viral roller-skating dance from TikTok?

For a second there, it appeared like Epic Video games was going to work with creators to uplift their standard dance...

Lebanon after the Beirut explosion. A Maronite priest shows the destruction in the temple

We just wanted to get away. We wanted to find an escape route - Father Marwan Mouawad from one of the Maronite...

TikTok launching new app on Amazon Fireplace TV

TikTok is launching its first TV app, known as “Extra on TikTok,” on Amazon Fireplace TV gadgets as we speak (by...

France. Le Havre. Bank robbery. The attacker took hostages

In Le Havre, northern France, an armed man has robbed a bank and is holding several hostages. The action of an elite...

Microsoft would possibly need its TikTok deal to cowl the entire world

Microsoft’s President Trump-fueled negotiations to accumulate TikTok proceed to turn into extra difficult — and conflicting data retains leaking out. On Thursday,...
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