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Wałbrzych. A white ermine captured by a camera trap. Recording

In the Wałbrzych Forest Inspectorate, a camera trap captured a mammal rarely seen in natural circumstances. - This little forest ghost is...

Scammers send messages stating that account access is restricted. Santander customers in the crosshairs. Warning

NASK warned against the return of the Hydra malware campaign. Santander bank customers are targeted by the scammers. Criminals send them...

Starachowice. He promised a wedding and a fortune, turned out to be a fraud

The 56-year-old believed the "doctor from America" ​​and wanted to transfer 10,000 euros to his account. The money, the man argued, was...

The rivalry between the US and Russia is intensifying in Africa. The war in Ukraine prompts the search for allies

The war in Ukraine has intensified long-running power competition for access to Africa's natural resources and Africa's 54 votes in the United Nations,...

Streniówka. The car flipped and fell into a ditch

In Strzeniówka near Pruszków, the driver of a passenger car lost control over the steering wheel, the car left the road, overturned and...

Nowosiółki. Three people injured, including a child, injured in a collision between two cars

Three people, including an 11-year-old girl, were hospitalized after an accident in Nowosiółki (Lubelskie Voivodeship). Two cars collided head-on there. The...
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