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Loans – WIRON will replace WIBOR. Bank Pocztowy encourages customers to sign an annex to the loan agreement

Bank Pocztowy encourages customers to sign annexes to loan agreements. This is related to the reform of benchmarks and the planned replacement...

У Польщі зустрілися командувачі армій США та України

Генерали Марк Міллі та Валерій Залужний - найвищі за рангом військові США та України - вперше зустрілисѱя особ. Сталося це on the...

USA. The body of 4-year-old Athena Brownfield has been found. CNN on the circumstances of the girl’s murder

The body of 4-year-old Anthena Brownfield of Oklahoma, who had been wanted since last week, has been found, the state sheriff's office said....

Russia, war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s speech on a symbolic day. ISW: perhaps he will announce a second wave of mobilization

Vladimir Putin is due to give a speech on Wednesday, possibly announcing a second wave of mobilization in Russia, according to the American...

Gdańsk, Sucharski Route. Three collisions, one route and a lot of difficulties

A total of eight cars collided in three different collisions on Wednesday morning on Trasa Sucharskiego in Gdańsk. One person was injured...

Tests. Body mass index can affect vitamin D metabolism

Vitamin D is a very important chemical compound for our health. According to research by an American group of scientists, the scale...
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