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Friday, October 22, 2021



Currents. The A4 motorway is blocked, a hazardous chemical substance has spilled on the road

On the A4 motorway, near the junction in Prady (Opolskie), a chemical substance - chlorine derivatives spilled out of the barrels on the...

Bukownica. Marszałki. Emergency landing of a glider near Ostrzeszów

The police explain the circumstances of the glider emergency landing in the field between Bukownica and Marszałki (Greater Poland Voivodeship). The pilot...

Preschools and coronavirus. Researchers from the Adam Mickiewicz University about remote work of kindergartens. Report

Distance education helps support the cognitive development of preschoolers, but when it comes to social development, it is virtually impossible - according to...

Warsaw, Prague. House fire on Kłopotowskiego

One room was burnt down in a fire in a tenement house in Kłopotowskiego Street. - The firefighters threw the damaged elements...

European Union Summit. Politico on the tension between Emmanuel Macron and Sebastian Kurz

French President Emmanuel Macron allegedly accused the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of the lack of commitment to the search for a compromise, Politico...

Hong Kong. Banks check customer relationships with the democratic movement

International banks are checking whether their clients have links with the pro-democratic movement in Hong Kong. Financial institutions want to avoid problems...
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