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Margot’s arrest. Information from the Ministry of Interior and Administration in the Senate on police activities

Preventive policemen, using physical force, incapacitating stunts, removed the people blocking the police car, said Maciej Wąsik, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in...

Belarus – riots. The second death toll of protests. The authorities confirmed that the 25-year-old detained had died

The Belarusian authorities confirmed on Wednesday evening the information about the death of the 25-year-old detained in the hospital on Sunday. The...

Coronavirus and the return of children to school. Marcin Kierwiński and Marcin Ociepa commented

There is chaos, there is a lack of information, there is once again a problem that is slept through. One can get...

Scotland. Train derailment, there are casualties

A passenger train derailed on Wednesday morning south of Aberdeen in Northeast Scotland. Three people, including the driver, were killed and six...

Return to schools on September 1, 2020. Minister Dariusz Piontkowski signed new regulations – informs the Ministry of National Education

The Ministry of National Education announced that Minister Dariusz Piontkowski signed regulations on Wednesday that will allow schools and institutions to introduce appropriate...

Coronavirus and schools. Dorota Łoboda and Jan Wróbel comment on the statement of the Minister of National Education Dariusz Pionkowski

Parents practically have no choice, because the minister said that there is compulsory schooling and all parents have to send their children to...
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