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Warsaw. The Victory March of the Republic of Poland has no consent to pass

The Victory March cannot pass through the streets of Warsaw. The city hall did not give consent, which explains it with epidemic...

Syria. President Bashar al-Assad was speechless during his speech to parliament

The presidential palace in Damascus reported Wednesday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was speechless for several minutes due to a drop in blood...

Ditch of the Vistula Spit. Illegal amber mining

Illegal amber hunters devastated about 100 square meters of forest on the Vistula Spit, according to the estimates of the Elbląg Forest District....

The case of Zbigniew Maj. Silent discontinuation of a high-profile investigation

The prosecutor's office quietly discontinued the investigation into a series of crimes committed by Zbigniew Maj, the former chief of police. For...

Warsaw. Dangerous situation in Mokotów. He ran a red light on the crossing. Recording

He drove through the intersection on a red light, dangerously passing people at the pedestrian crossing. The driver who broke the regulations...

Question in “Millionaires” about the river in which, according to the Bible, Naaman was supposed to wash his face

The biblical prophet Elisha advised the leper Naaman in the Ganges, Styx, Acheron, or Jordan to wash themselves seven times? This question...
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