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Survey results of the presidential election 2020. How were votes in individual voivodships? [Mapa województw]

In the second round of presidential elections, Rafał Trzaskowski won more votes from Andrzej Duda in nine out of 16 provinces - according...

Presidential election 2020. Second round. Attendance in age groups

As in the first round of elections, the lowest turnout was recorded among seniors, although it was significantly higher than in the first...

Presidential election 2020. How young people voted – survey results

If only young people voted, Rafał Trzaskowski would win with a clear advantage. According to the late poll survey carried out by...

Presidential election 2020 – how much was the turnout? – Exit poll results

Turnout in the second round of presidential elections was 68.9 percent, according to an exit poll conducted by Ipsos. Despite the holidays...

Presidential election 2020. Turnout in Warsaw and Mazovia

Voting in presidential elections in Warsaw. The capital boasts the highest frequency among the largest cities in the country - according to...

Presidential election 2020. Survey results at 21. Andrzej Duda or Rafał Trzaskowski? – live

From 20.20 on election evening on TVN24 and tvn24.pl. On TVN it will start at 20.55. The coverage will also be...
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