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Cats – a mysterious disease. Is it bird flu? There are preliminary research results

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The Chief Veterinary Inspectorate informed that influenza virus was detected in four samples taken from dead cats in the Tri-City. Scientists will analyze what type of virus they are dealing with. Full and final results are due to be announced after the weekend.

For several days, signals have been coming from all over Poland about a significant increase in sudden, mysterious diseases and deaths among cats. Veterinary offices, animal shelters, breeders and private owners provide information on this subject online. The Chief Veterinary Inspectorate is closely monitoring the development of the situation.

Mysterious cat disease. There are preliminary research results

– Currently, the Veterinary Inspection is at the stage of collecting as much information as possible that can be confirmed by scientific methods. In-depth studies are being carried out on samples taken from animals that fell ill with an unknown etiology of the disease. Based on the preliminary results of laboratory tests (samples from the Tri-City area), carried out at the National Veterinary Institute in Puławy, the cause of the disease is the influenza virus, informed the GIV.

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As he emphasizes, research in this area is carried out constantly. Currently, the GVI is waiting for the results of new research on the basis of which they will be able to draw further conclusions.

For now, there is no confirmation that the disease that affects cats is related to the avian influenza virus. In an officially issued communiqué, the General Inspector of Warsaw emphasized on Wednesday that so far only two cases of infection of domestic cats with diseases originating from birds have been confirmed worldwide.

Cats have a mysterious disease. How to protect them?

Veterinarians are still sounding the alarm so that owners of domestic cats take all precautions and do not let them outside. They also recommend that you limit your pets’ contact with raw meat as a precaution, keep them out of contact with wild birds, and thoroughly sanitize your hands and shoes upon entering your home.

The disease has an acute course, in animals there are m.in. high fever, shortness of breath and neurological disorders, and progresses very rapidly. It affects both outdoor and indoor cats, young and old.

– Animals die in a short time. Blood tests show elevated liver parameters, thrombocytopenia. These are very non-specific symptoms and we are unable to help them. (…) We are trying to introduce various treatment schemes, but none of them is effective today – said Paulina Grzelakowska, director of the Tri-City Veterinary Clinic in Gdańsk, on Wednesday.

She emphasized that she hopes that the results of the post-mortem examination will help find the cause of the disease.

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