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CBA. A tender for four thousand mobile phones for over PLN 10 million

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The CBA wants to spend over PLN 10 million to equip its officers with the latest mobile phones. We asked why a service employing 1,300 people had as many as 4,000 cameras, but the Bureau did not answer any question, despite the fact that it organized an open tender.

The finance department of the anti-corruption service is now finalizing an open tender for the purchase of nearly four thousand mobile phones. For companies that want to take part in it, the deadline for submitting offers is September 28.


Iphony with 5G

All documents relating to the order of the Central Anticorruption Bureau can be found on a special SmartPZP portal. The first person who noticed this tender was Jarosław Kościelny, who analyzes the purchases of secret services on an ongoing basis.

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The documents specify what requirements must be met by mobile phones with which the agents of this service are to be equipped from the new year.

Requirements for CBA cell phonesBulletin of Public Information / CBA

These are 1736 cameras with the IOS system (i.e. iPhone) that will support the 5G standard and have a minimum of 64 GB of memory.

But the order doesn’t end there. In addition, the winning company must provide 105 iPhones with 128GB memory and another 145 cameras of this brand with a capacity of up to 256GB. In the most exclusive one, there will be 20 copies, which, in addition to 256 GB of memory, must have a screen with a diagonal of 6.7 inches.

There will also be 1986 in total of similar cells operating under Android. This means that the anti-corruption service wants to buy 3,972 phones in total.

Three phones for everyone?

Why so many apparatuses, when the entire formation has about 1,300 positions? Should each of the officers have up to three telephones? We asked about it in the press department of the CBA.

“In reply, I would like to inform you that in connection with article 24, paragraph 1 of the Act on the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Bureau does not provide information on the matter in question,” the CBA replied to us.

In connection with the performance of its tasks, the CBA ensures the protection of the means, forms and methods of performing tasks, the collected information as well as its own facilities and data identifying the CBA officers.

– To avoid the answer, the regulations concerning operational work were used, although the tender is open? It is difficult to comment on it in a civilized way. The fall of the service – says Paweł Wojtunik, former head of the CBA in 2009-2015.

– And each of us will run to work with three cells? Also for field work? Will I go to meetings with the informant, sit in the bushes while observing with three cells and still find a free space in the pockets for two chargers? – comments an agent working in one of the delegations.

Unofficially, we found out that he was in charge of the service since last spring Andrzej Stróżny is a supporter of devices manufactured by Apple.

– He considers them prettier and safer, better protected against eavesdropping – tells us one of the Watchman’s associates.

A case for the CBA?

According to the data contained in the open document of the CBA called “Procurement Plan for 2021”, initially logisticians planned to spend PLN 1.3 million on telephones. However, in the end, the document was updated and the sum allocated to the purchase of cameras was increased to PLN 10,260,162.

Telephones for the CBAThe CBA’s spending plan foresees over 10 million for the purchase of phonesBulletin of Public Information / CBA

The entire budget for this year of the anti-corruption service is 211 million, so the purchase of phones will consume almost a twentieth of it.

– One would like to say that it is worth having a closer look at this tender by the CBA. These are huge, public funds – comments Senator Krzysztof Brejza from the Civic Coalition.

His club mate – MP Marcin Kierwiński – issued an interpellation regarding this tender.

Main photo source: CBA

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