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Thursday, June 13, 2024

CBZC warns against fake e-mails with the signature of the Chief of Police

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The Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime has informed about a new campaign of fraudsters, who this time are sending fake e-mails from the Chief Commander of the Police, Marek Boroń. This is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate recipients and extort money.

The police warn against fraudsters who send e-mails with documents in the “pdf” format. Its content shows that the person receiving the message is suspected of committing crimes with pornographic content and is obliged to respond.

In order to authenticate their message, criminals sign it as the Chief Commander of Police, Insp. Marek Boroń i Ministry of Justice Attorney General Adam Bodnar. CBZC emphasized in a statement that all correspondence is an attempt to deceive and intimidate the recipient.

Fake emails from the police

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“Even if you have committed a criminal act, as part of the proceedings, the Police performs procedural activities described in detail in the Code of Criminal Procedure. We do not inform you about any type of summons, initiation of proceedings or submission of written explanations via e-mail,” the office explains.

CBZC warns that “Files attached to the email may contain malicious software“, therefore recommends “do not open such attachments”.

If you receive a similar message in your mailbox, it is worth reporting it directly via the website www.cert.pl – notes CBZC.

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